Circularity as a Service℠

A data-driven solution for a circular plastic economy

The circular economy for plastic describes an economic system and practice where businesses, infrastructure and regulations work together so that the plastic we already have is kept in use for as long as possible. Meaning that products containing plastic are designed for recycling and durability and obsolete plastic products are recycled to their highest possible use.

By collecting and using data and digital technolgies we can optimize the value chain, ensure traceability and provide accurate ESG-calulations and material reporting - We call this Circularity As A Service


The linear economy is what we have been accustomed to up until now. Raw materials are collected, processed into products and sold on to a user. The consumer then uses the product until it no longer provides value and then disposes of the product. The linear economy is described as “take-make-dispose”.

The circular economy seeks to minimise the use of resources, recycle products, collect less raw material, and reuse products and materials once they are made; realised through new business models and new consumption patterns. The circular economy is described as “reduce-reuse-recycle”. By transitioning to a circular economy we will consume less raw material from the earth, emit less greenhouse gas, and pollute less.



1. Oil extraction
2. Monomer production
3. Polymer/granulate production
4. Plastic product production
5. Plastic product use
6. Waste collection
7. Sorting
8. Landfill
9. Incineration

As businesses take responsibility and make commitments we at AION help our customers adapt their businesses for a more positive contribution to society

We make circularity happen at an industrial scale by working with our customers to identify opportunities to shift from linear to circular and grow their degree of circularity within plastic. 

Together with our partners we orchestrate a tailored, traceable and circular value chain for specific use cases.

Our team of material, regulatory, logistics and business development experts work with companies to make sure the products and processes fit their existing operations, meet quality requirements and importantly have a tangible impact towards reducing their use of virgin plastic, reducing their CO2 footprint, and avoiding a generation of plastic waste.

Whether it is a specific case or an examination of what could be possible, AION is here to help.


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